I work on Windows 2000 and Mac OS X. I prefer OS X because I never saw a bluescreen on my mac.
  • Apache My favorite webserver. I only part-time administer webservers, but I know about virtual servers, url-rewriting and the other basics.
  • BEA The BEA Weblogic webserver is used for bigger web projects. I only worked with it once, but had to take care of a load-balanced system of two webservers and an additional database server.
  • Director The authoring tool Macromedia Director is a good choice for creating interactive offline applications. Althought not often requested, two Director projects are part of my portfolio: an interactive CD-Rom "Law for businessmen" and a presentation for the authoring systems module of my study: "The World with Us".
  • Eclipse When it comes to programming I always tend to use eclipse. With its various extension nearly all kinds of files can be edited comfortably within the IDE and without need to switch programs.
  • Flash My entrance to Flash was version four. Since than flash really grew up to a web-authoring environment. I worked on several Flash-projects including a small realtime-information-exchange system which uses the XML-socket capabilites of the application.
  • IIS The quasi standard webserver on Windows-based systems. I know how to set up virtual directories or correct scripting security setting when a PHP-installation changed to much.
  • Illustrator In order to design something - from websites to printed media - I prefer using Illustrator. With all other Adobe applications it shares its uniform user interface, which makes all these applications easier to use.
  • InDesign I did not produce many magazines or books with this tool, but some I did.
  • Photoshop Always helpful when resizing, cropping or rescuing images.
  • RedDot CMS An enterprise content management system. It is Windows-based and uses MSSQL in the backend. It allows the intration of own modules through the XML-formatted RedDot Query Language (RQL). More than twelve implemented projects make my experience with this content management system extensive. Besides setting up and maintaining systems my tasks also include customer support and developing extensions. A newsletter management and listserver interface system or a system to access a contact databse from within the CMS to easily create links to individual online contact forms are only two examples.
  • RedDot Liveserver The RedDot Liveserver is a Java-based system for personalisation and integration. It uses a Verity search engine and can be used with several servlet engines like Tomcat (the default engine) or BEA Weblogic. I implemented several projects with the Liveserver. My tasks included system setup on Windows and Linux, version migration, daily maintenance and integration of own extensions.
  • Tomcat Since Tomcat is the default weblet engine for the RedDot Liveserver, I have basic knowledge on setting up and maintaining Tomcat driven systems.
  • Verity Verity is a powerful, indexing search engine. The RedDot Liveserver uses Verity by default. Besides creating queries, the configuration of the Verity with the help of the different style-files is part of my skills.
  • WebEdition WebEdition is a PHP-based CMS which offers all basic functionalities a CMS needs. It can be extended by plugins as well as through own scripts using the well documented API. I implemented the Kellenhusen and the Plöner See websites in WebEdition. Additionally the maintenance of Ostseeferienland is part of my tasks.
  • ... I worked with several other programs like MS office, OpenOffice, EdgeDiagrammer, Swish, Swift, Flax, SubEthaEdit, Freehand, ... Basic shell programming knowledge also is part of my abilities, since most of our clients use linux-based servers for their websystems and these mostly are accessed via ssh (putty / winscp).
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